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NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Brain Training Systems

“Feels like a massage for the brain. I get ideas.”  –  LD


NeurOptimal® Technology trains your brain to use its own innate intelligence to work towards dynamic stability.  Your nervous system becomes more efficient, consumes less energy, and handles stress with greater ease. Because the technology is only mirroring back to your brain about what it has just done, it is safe and also highly personalized. After a 33 minute session most feel refreshed, relaxed, and in a higher state of mental alertness and flow.

So much calmer after my session. 



Why train your brain?

To be your best you!

You can train for wellness, for continued growth, for better performance or for greater access to your creativity and expression.

What if you could have better sleep, mood, confidence, better decision making? 

You can train for stress management, self esteem, mental acuity, and so much more!

What is brain training like?

You sit in a comfy chair. Five sensors are placed on your head and ears with conductive paste. The system plays music and displays beautiful fractal images on a screen. Most people find it very relaxing and just lie back comfortably in their chair or even nap for their 33 minute session. No conscious effort is required because the communication is occurring directly between the system and your brain. NeurOptimal is doing all the work.

How does NO work?

When you see yourself in a mirror, you become aware of your posture or a strand of hair out of place and you automatically fix it. Like that, NeurOptimal monitors (mirrors) your brain activity. When it detects a change in your brain pattern, it sends an audible signal (a break in the music or sound) that allows your brain to notice what it has just done. Like seeing yourself in the mirror, your brain can automatically self-correct.

How can brain training help?

Life entails a certain amount of stress which isn’t necessarily bad unless it becomes too much or lasts too long. When that happens, your brain may not be able to respond as quickly or efficiently as it used to. It may worry and repeat an unresolved story and create a pattern or loop. This can result in lack of focus, moods, anxiety, poor sleep, impaired healing and other symptoms of disorganization. With NeurOptimal®’s revolutionary training software, your brain learns to naturally self-correct and reorganize. Your problems and symptoms of disorganization tend to just fall away, quite effortlessly for most people.

Who can benefit from brain training?

Because NeurOptimal doesn’t try to influence your brain in any direction, it is a completely safe and noninvasive technology that can be used by anyone…. from the very young to the very old. It can benefit people suffering from disabilities or injuries or those wanting peak performance. It works with you wherever you are in that moment, so there are no evaluations to do or settings to change. You can’t over train… if your brain gets tired it just ignores the information, just as you might ignore a TV in the background. 

Anyone, anywhere, anytime.

“I don’t allow others to ruin my day. I’m nicer to myself.”


I was able to avoid an oncoming migraine.




During times of increased stress in life, NeurOptimal neurofeedback is particularly helpful in calming the nervous system and providing relief from the many negative effects of stress. The FDA has approved neurofeedback as effective for stress reduction. This noninvasive and drug free technology gives each individual brain information on its own moment to moment functioning until over time it learns to organize itself more efficiently. Clients often list feeling more relaxed, centered and calm among their top results after a NeurOptimal training.


Having anxiety can make doing ordinary things ridiculously hard….every day things like getting out of the house, buying a gift, social events, or just expressing an opinion. Anxiety, a result of brain dysregulation, is visible on an MRI. You can see the left frontal cortex going dim and inactive, meaning the ability to reason and pay attention is being hindered. On the right front cortex there is flaring indicating a flood of emotions. Suppressed reasoning and overactive emotions are not good for making decisions or getting along with others!
NeurOptimal braining training shines in its ability to give your brain the feedback needed to reset and reconnect with yourself. Your own brain decides whether to stay in the ‘old’ patterns or not, and naturally self-corrects and balances itself out.


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In-Office Sessions 

Start your journey here. Enjoy a calm setting in a comfy chair where you can just relax, read or even take a nap. Because the changes are incremental and effortless, they can quickly become the new normal, so I’ll help you track your progress in the beginning.


With a NeurOptimal rental system, you can train at your own convenience. You receive just the same training as you do in my office. The beauty of NeurOptimal® is that it is completely passive for the participant….you can relax, read a book, work on your computer, homework, etc while you optimize your brain. 

Whether you want it for personal use, for your family, or if you are thinking about adding NeurOptimal to your private practice, you will get expert one on one instruction and guidance, either in person or remotely, throughout your rental term.

Purchase a System

NeurOptimal® Systems are available for both home and professional use. When you purchase your NeurOptimal® system through NeuroFeedback Hawaii, you’ll receive expert guidance and support to determine which system and options are best for you. Following your purchase, I will provide dedicated ongoing support to get you up and running smoothly. 

“Feeling calmer, more balanced. I’m more in the receiving mode.“


I don’t know what it’s doing, but I like it.




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About Me

Charlotte Liddell DC

I’ve had the pleasure of living, working and raising my family here on beautiful Kauai since 1989. As a chiropractor for nearly 30 years, I know that healing comes from within – and that sometimes we can use help removing obstacles that might be in the way. 

I needed that help a few years ago when I faced some shattering life challenges. NeurOptimal proved to be incredibly anxiety reducing and clarifying for me. I was able to start putting my life back together and noticed how much better I was managing the stress.

NeurOptimal honors our inborn potential to heal. It doesn’t take anything out or put anything in. It works by showing us what is already there. By becoming aware, we make the changes that are needed.

I’ve gone on to purchase a system for myself and my practice – learning and seeing all that is possible with NeurOptimal neurofeedback.  I’m thrilled to offer this powerful, safe and noninvasive new technology here on Kauai. I invite you to call 808 652 8029 for more info or to schedule your first NeurOptimal session with me.